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floor lampshade

18 Stunning design of floor lampshade is considered the most successful in the world.
To get a nice climate in your home, it is more practical to use the lampshades than to limit the ceiling lighting.

19 wall decorations

Walls are things that are in every house. But sometimes we can not find suitable decorations for a particular wall. However, you still have many things to decorate, and as we know nothing better by selecting the items yourself. Here are some ideas to decorate your home in the most appropriate way. The work of these decorative elements seems very easy but needs little attention.

make your home elegant!

There is no doubt that the art of decoration is very important in our lives, it makes the place beautiful and wonderful, and also pays the resident or the visitor or the client to feel comfortable and relaxed.

9 technical errors in decor

Art will forever be a complementary part of the home decor. But what does not make it vital? Falling into the mistakes that have been proven in the history of the decor that almost all of us are located during the work of home decor at least once.

Lighting roads in the house

In order to attract the attention of your guests and dazzle them with your home, you should be interested in lighting the roads in the house to be at the required level. There are many ways to light them from crystal candlesticks to simple ceiling plates.

designs of wood lampshades

The love of natural materials and light can be expressed in different ways. The wood material is natural, warm and comfortable to look and touch also can be used in the design of home decorations or wood abagore.