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How to design home decor from start to the end? (part 1)

we will speak in this article about decor

By Tasneem Yasser

October 23, 2017

If you don’t want a decorative engineer to design your home decoration, it is better to know how to design it and you should follow many steps to reach the desired result.

In these collection of articles we will speak about this idea and give you steps to follow, to be easy for you in decorating the house from the beginning of the finishing to the accessories.

Today we will talk about the finishing:

Finishes are considered of the apartment remained, so we need to remain aware of what we have established.

First sure step in the finishing of the apartment is that you enter the water and almost the easiest step because after that we will go to lighting, which need for design.

The first layer is an outstanding lighting, such as lamps of all kinds.

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The second layer is the side lighting

modern light

The third layer is hidden light: it appear in many different shapes, in wall, behind the frames or tableaux, and used to make a distinctive and beautiful form of the place, as well as to show the decoration is in place.

We will start with lighting designs for the first need in the hall or reception rooms.

There all kinds of lighting in it

Hanging light, siding light and hidden light

So we use hidden light behind the curtains or behind the

So we can use behind the curtains or behind the pieces of decorative hanging Piece

In the living rooms it is possible to use chandelier,  and there are many forms for the chandeliers, the chandeliers give the place the beauty of the special kind, so if the chandeliers are on its own, it will change the atmosphere of the place.

 In the living room there is an important floor lampshade, if you need to read you don’t need to light all the light in the place.

Children’s bedrooms:  Children’s bedrooms are the most important places in the apartment, where the use the hanging light, and the side lighting, and lampshade, and lampshade is very important in the children’s rooms because most children always prefer not to sleep in dark, so it is important to be a source of lighting calm and comfortable they can sleep and feel safe.

Basic Bedrooms:

Of course, basic bedroom is essential in every house, and we use all types of lighting in it like, hanging, side, floor, and hidden.


We will use hanging light or side light.


We will use the light from the ceiling

Mistakes avoided in lighting:-

Don’t mix with different colors like white and yellow even if the place is large and wide.

Colors in lighting:-

White: cool color, it preferred by people who live in warm areas

Yellow: yellow is warm and distinctive, it preferred people who live in cold area.

That’s for lighting.

Finishing the floor:-

There are a many materials of finishing you can use it, such as ceramic, porcelain, parquet and wood floors.

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porcelain floor
porcelain floor
ceramic floor

Choose the preferred and suitable material for you, and start finishing the floor.

In kitchen and bathrooms finishing something different.

Kitchens: we can make the floor from the same raw by the apartment as well as walls, and it possible to paint walls instead of we use ceramics or other.

The same situation applies to bathrooms.

That’s for the finishing of the apartment

In the next article we will speak about colors 🙂

“.Mobykan site contains a wonderful variety of decorative pieces.”