modern decor of wall clock


how to make your house beautiful by modern wall clock?

modern wall clock

By Tasneem Yasser

October 04, 2017

modern wall clock is the best thing to improve the house decor and make it more beautiful, and we know about wall clock design  is boring and no created in it

but now you can have a wonderful wall clock, with modern and attractive design, to improve house decor.

wall clock not only for knowing time, but it full the hole with the best way can used as a decor piece.

although created hand clock and mobile, but wall clock still important, and no house can be without it

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modern decor of wall clock

design team in mobykan can design and create modern and new shape of wall clocks, there are different but fantastic, modern and new

designed from the modern decor

modern waves wall clock

Why should you buy a modern wall clock?

One wall clock fills a whole wall!

We always enter homes and see that there are a lot of empty walls, this affects the shape of the house and its consistency and shows it poorly, although the furniture is modern and beautiful, carpets are wonderful and decorations are amazing, but the wall is empty and this shows badly and non-trendy.

Mobykan modern wall clocks feature one large piece that can cover the entire wall. You won’t need to buy a lot of decorative pieces such as walls, lighting, etc., but will fill the entire wall with one large wall clock in a stylish and attractive shape.

wall clocks are in Cheap and affordable price.

“.Mobykan site contains a wonderful variety of decorative pieces.”


wall clock with modern circle style

The second reason to buy a modern wall clock is that it is cheap and won’t cost you a lot of money, but will save you a lot of it, with amazing designs such as this you can buy one or two for your home, you can hang one in the lounge and one in the office room or the reception and you don’t need to a lot of money!

So Wall Clocks are very suitable for your home, they give them elegance and beauty and make it new and trendy.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right wall clock and place it in the right place:

tree paper wall clock

1. You should choose a wall clock that reflects your personality, so that the colors and design are compatible with the spirit of the house and consistent with the family, and you should choose the wall clock carefully because it is one of the most things that will be your eye throughout the day so it should be comfortable to the eye.

2 – Choosing a suitable place for the clock , one of the common mistakes that many people are in is that they put the clock in the reception room where they don’t sit a lot, and then rely on the watches and smart phones as they were doing, in this case the clock is useless, You should hang it in a suitable place and in the most places where family members sit to make the most of it, and not just a decorative piece.

3 – Since the wall clocks aren’t expensive, you can buy two or three and distributed to the rooms of the house, and you can set one of the hours on the timing of a country in which someone close to know the clock is fast rather than calculating the time difference, and this is one of the wonderful things that you can Take advantage of them.

frame square wall clock

4 – Don’t fall in the common mistake and put the wall clock on a wall of the same color, this is bad, the color must be different, do not have to hang a white clock on the wall of light, or clock built on a wooden wall, but you must choose different colors and moved away As far as possible about the repetition because it affects the shape of the house.

These were some of the ideas that let you make your home elegant using modern wall clocks.

“.Mobykan site contains a wonderful variety of decorative pieces.”