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5 things help you to improve the house decor

Many people suffer from choosing the suitable decor to the place and how to make it beautiful, and they feel confused about put furniture in suitable place,  especially those who receive in their homes a lot of guests from time to time ..

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Do you suffer from this problem too?? , so follow this article if you want to improve your house decor…

tidy the furniture as you want improve the house decor improve the house decor
tidy the furniture as you want
  • Tidy the furniture as you want.

If you are a lazy type, don’t  like to move a lot as you lie down on the bed, you can take that into account by decorating several shelves next to the bed to put the important things you use all the time, so it is easy to pick them up without fatigue or hardship. The pillows are here and there to help you rest and relax, as well as the quiet colors.

If you are active or on a happy occasion, you can use bright white or colored lights, and use colorful carpets and mattresses that provide comfort to the eye, as well as beautiful tableaux  that will make the house more beautiful, sparkling and highlight the decor of the place.

If you care about the value of time, you can choose great clock of different shapes and hang one or two in each room , this will reflect your mood and give your guest a feeling that you are an important person appreciating the value of time.

  • Interested in your kitchen

The kitchen is often one of the most chaotic places in the house, either to the many machines used, or to the scattered dishes and empty dishes everywhere, causing an uproar that suggests that you are a person who is unclean and doesn’t  care about your home, so how do we overcome this problem?

Interested in your kitchen improve the house decor improve the house decor
Interested in your kitchen
  • Have a dishwasher, this is important, it will save you a lot of time and effort and will collect all the dirty dishes together and clean it quickly.
  • Take away anything you do not use. This will save a lot of space. Large pots and Chinese dishes that aren’t much used can be stored in a custom cupboard. You should also set aside a cupboard for dishes and utensils instead of leaving them on the kitchen or over the fireplace and on the floor..
  • You can use sodium bicarbonate or toothpaste to remove stains and hard dirt from the kitchen floor or oven, and you can use it to clean plugs and silver dishes.
  • Take care of house lighting.
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Lights are one of the modern features of the modern home, which will improve your home décor, reflecting the taste of the home owner, as well as giving it a sense of elegance.

Take care of house lighting. improve the house decor improve the house decor
Take care of house lighting.

You can add white lights if you want to highlight the colors of the walls or furniture, or you can add colored illuminations but in the quiet corners and rooms, which will give the guest a feeling of comfort… But don’t confuse the two and don’t use the color in place so as not to cause the furniture And decorate your home randomly.




  • Take care of house furniture.

You should take care of the furniture and decor of the house because it is the first thing that the eye of the guest when he visits, which is the most expressive taste of the owner of the house and if the taste is high or not.

Be sure to buy the right furniture even if it costs you some money, you can even find great furniture at cheap prices but be careful in making sure the type and quality of wood.

You should buy all the furniture from one place or in a single style. You can’t place scattered pieces that aren’t compatible in color, shape or design. The consistent furniture gives the house a beautiful look.

Take care of house furniture. improve the house decor improve the house decor
Take care of house furniture.
  • Add some plants

Plants and especially roses act magic in the comfort of the guest and relax, and it cleans the atmosphere of impurities and purify constantly, but don’t buy plastic plants are usually expensive and give an unnatural beauty.

Instead, try buying red, white and violet roses as well, and you can buy small plants with thin leaves or smart scents.

I also advise you to buy mint or basil, adding a clever scent to the place.

Add some plants improve the house decor improve the house decor
Add some plants

Make sure your home decor is harmonious and distinctive.


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